Number One Tip For Succeeding at a Startup

This week’s question came from Instagram (@nikgold) from Jack. He asked, “What is your number one tip for succeeding at a startup.”

I was SO happy to get this question. This tip is so simple yet effective 100% of the time. It’s really more of a mindset and that’s to have a founder’s mentality. A founder’s mentality means that no problem is not your problem, no matter what your role is. This can be translated to anything – walking, noticing a piece of trash on the floor, and picking it up to finding a bug in the on-boarding flow at 2am and alerting the right people. Having this mentality allows you to take ownership in a way that you couldn’t at a bigger company. It also allows you to take on more and grow your role. That’s the beauty of a startup. If you want something, you can just grab it, and likely, you’ll find yourself doing things day to day that you never envisioned yourself accomplishing. In other words, a startup is a massive growth opportunity and it’s yours for the taking!

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Nikki Goldman