The Two Most Important Questions to Answer Before You Can Quit

Over the course of the next few months, I’m going to be answering specific questions that come into to me. This week’s question came from Instagram (@nikgold) from Akash. He asked, “How do I know when it’s time to quit my job”. I get this all the time…

I find that once we become ready to leave our jobs, it's really hard for us to get “un-ready”. We usually identify that readiness through feelings of apathy or dread. You know those “Sunday scaries”? Be Really careful with that. Often bosses mistake that for laziness and entitlement. So before we get ourselves there, we need to ask, ask why? Why do we want to quit? Maybe we have a boss who we're just not jiving with. Or perhaps we just don't feel there are any more learning opportunities in our roles. Once we’ve answered the question of why, and assuming that we have a good answer, then there are two majorly important questions to answer before you can start looking.

Important question number one: What did I learn? What tangible thing am I taking away from this job? Maybe I learned how to manage people or maybe I learned how to thrive in a corporate environment. Whatever it is we need to carry those skills with us and build upon them

Important question number two: What connections am I leaving with? It is so important that everywhere we have spent time in our career that we’ve formed meaningful connections. These connections serve as a circle of professional cheerleaders who we can carry with us throughout our career. Maybe it's a boss who can become a mentor or just a group of peers who can be part of our professional network, but it’s so important to have other people who can speak to what you’ve accomplished.

So once you have two awesome answers to those questions, then you're ready to start looking. 

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Nikki Goldman