On the outside…

I looked like I was crushing it. I was hustling, I was earning, and I was getting tons of recognition. But, on the inside, I felt like I was chasing something. The problem is I didn’t know what the something was. It wasn’t until I finally hit a wall (we’ll come to that later) that I took some time to slow down to live a life of intention. Now, as the CEO of I/O Coaching, I partner with top CEO’s across the country to help them take control of their lives to find greater success and to make a bigger impact. With a 97% success rate among my clients, I thought it was time to share my learnings and thoughts with the world. So, hello world!

About that wall…

Right, ok. I’ve struggled with the notion of success my whole life. I was the classic overachiever. You told me what I needed to get the A, I got the A+. I wanted the lead in the play so I memorized the entire script. Then, I got to college and my world of possibilities opened up. It was so exciting and I wanted to do everything. I switched majors 3 times, I joined and quit countless clubs, and I had a ton of fun. Then I graduated and that’s when things got real - but I didn’t. I treated the real world like my college campus. I wanted to be everything.


I had my dream job in marketing, but my mind was flooded with ‘grass is greener’ syndrome. I wanted to be a yoga instructor, then a coffee shop owner, then an actress, then a house-flipper. As easily as my dreams came, they went.


The issue with that was that I measured my success based on them. I felt like an utter failure. The fact that I wasn’t a yogi/coffee-guru/actress/real-estate-mogul made me sick. It sounds crazy because who is really all of those things, but it’s true. I was so mad at myself for failing. Looking back, what I realized is that I was suffering from crippling anxiety of not being enough. I wasn’t in a sexy enough career. I wasn’t making enough of an impact and I wasn’t moving fast enough.

That’s when my friend Liz called me and asked if I wanted to help start a company that would help other young professionals figure their life out. How was I supposed to help other people figure out their lives if mine was such a mess? However, like all things, I dove in headfirst. But this time, it was different. This time, I didn’t lose interest. This time, I actually became an expert. And, this time, it stuck.

We build an incredible company and helped so many college students and recent grads navigate their professional journeys. I was totally ‘in-it’ and wasn’t having moments of anxiety when I would stress about not being good enough. That’s when the light-bulb went off,  I didn’t have to know exactly what it was I wanted to do, I needed to know why I was doing it. My why is to help people to feel successful - whatever success means to them.


I know for myself, when I feel successful in love, friendship, and work, I perform at my best. That’s why I’m here to help redefine what success is for people on their terms and help them to reach their dreams and perform in ways they never could have imagined. Instead of trying to achieve on other people’s terms, I learn how to take control of my life and lead with intention.